I was born in Toronto, Canada - a diverse city with people from all walks of life. Growing up in such an environment shaped me to approach my artwork and thinking from several different perspectives.

In my artwork, I like to get lost in a character’s state of mind and try to depict their emotions to the best of my abilities. Themes that I tend to depict are: heroism, courage and adversity.

After graduating art school, I jumped into the video game and entertainment industry as a concept designer and and illustrator. As a professional, I made it a goal to deliver excellence to my clients, but; as an artist, I felt frustrated with the direction and inefficiencies of the industry.

I wanted my work I do to matter, to inspire, to help people; not just artists, but people from all walks of life. So I left my line of work to build something on my own.

Currently, I’m working on my own animated series. Stylistically, it will honor my eastern heritage and influences. Thematically, it will be dealing with societal issues and personal struggles that we face in here in the western world.